Monday, June 21, 2010



ok now I wanna tell u guys bout yesterday nite..what a great nite I've ever had with my bff(best fren 4 eva),,KHAFEFE BALQIS aka KISH.ktrg g tgk movie smlm.well at 1st x plan pn nk g tgk movie.ptg 2 pk2,,ktrg g tgk TOY STORY 3..u guys know what??It was great,fantastic and awesome!!!!It was the greatest movie I've ever watched..It was well blended..hehe
sume ade,,funny,,scary,,sad,,...sume la..M gonna miss TOY STORY after dis coz Andy n friends dh ade new owner at last.. :( uwaaaaa!!!!!!!!

U guys should watch dat movie!!NOW!!!hehe

NOW SHOWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go n watch it now!! lots of love!!!woot2~~

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