Saturday, June 4, 2011


Salam n hye everybody!!!

welcome to my special edition entry..

ok today aku wat entry ni khas utk my BFF ,SHELLY aka IZA aka NURFAIZATUN FARHIDA ABD GHONI

1st of all,,aku tol2 ase bersalah n sedih sbb tahun ni,tahun ke-2 aku tol2 lupe birthday BFF aku sndiri..n dua2 tahun ni jgk die call aku sejam b4 birthday die hbs.. :(
n automatically aku xkn lupe birthday KEDAH aka HANISAH HAMID sbb birthday dorg berkembar..
sorg JUNE 4th,sorg JUNE 5th!!!(meriahhh)

please forgive me dear.. :(

friends come and go
after you read this you may say so

but I don't care
because I took a dare

to write this for you
a friend so true

I tell you this from the bottom of my heart
before it shatters and falls apart

forgive me for what I did
I hope that this apology can get rid

of the distance we have apart
before our friendship dies of a broken heart.

(mcm bercinta) hahaha

I really hope lepas ni aku xkn lupe Birthday member2 sorry.. :(

antara knangan kitorang..byk cket je..:)

and x lupe jgk pada si comel HANISAH HAMID!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!jom bace blog die jgk..

SPECIAL for both of u..;)

hope korg dua x lupe aku..hehe pnjang umur murah rezeki k,,aminnnnnnnnnnnn~~ =)

ok smpai cni je my special edition entry..Wsalam....